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Double Anal Fisting

Well this week we have quite the nice and wild scene to show off. HotKinkyJo is back with more of her naughty friends this afternoon and you can bet that you will be able to see them all in action for this simply superb and hot scene today too. The sexy Jo had some friends over for a nice and sexy afternoon lingerie only party and no one else was invited. Well mainly because they planned on getting pretty kinky and wild with one another and they don’t want anyone else intruding on their nice little fuck fest this afternoon. Let’s get the show on the road and see the babes at play this afternoon shall we?

Well drinks and good times were had for a good while and we do have to say that even though they were wearing different sets of lingerie, all of them were looking simply amazing too. You do get to see them showing off as well before anything as they just love to tease one another’s superb bodies. Then you get to see them get started with the real action and they make this nice little fuck train if you will as they get to fuck one another in the ass. Jo gets to sit this one out as she gets her cute ass double fisted by one of her buddies, while that lady in turn gets double anally fisted by the last babe with the pink and black hair. So enjoy it and we’ll be seeing you next week once more with new galleries everyone.


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