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Well we’re here once more with more of HotKinkyJo and her naughty scenes. As you can see, the babe felt the need for some fresh air, so why not take a nice little boat ride she thought. You can rest assured that she couldn’t pas up the chance to be kinky and wild there as well either so there’s that too. If you want to see just how wild this lady can be, sit back and enjoy some of sexy Jo’s past naughty scenes to see her fucking herself nice and deep in those as well. Anyway, let’s get back to the show at had for this week as we bet that you guys are very much eager to see Hot Kinky Jo at work once more in this one too. So let the cameras roll without further due.

The sexy woman gets to take a pleasure cruise in more ways than one today, as she didn’t forget to pack her nice and big horsecock shaped dildo either for this one. And yes, she was very much planning on using it too. Not too long into the little cruise, the babe starts to do her thing and you get to see her go to the bow of the ship. Once there she reveals her sexy pink pussy along with that nice and round ass as well and you get to watch as she takes her time to start playing with herself. After enough prepping for her sexy ass, watch her plant the toy down and see her trying to take it as deep as she can anally today. Which was still pretty deep!


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