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Speculum in her ass

We know you guys simply can’t get enough of HotKinkyJo here and she knows it too. Just as usual she comes back in the start of this new week to have some fun for you with her ass and of course you get to see it all. In this one the cutie gets to take on a police babe uniform and she sure intends to show off as well. You see, she wants you to learn what a cavity search made by her looks like and well, as one thing leads to another, she ends up having quite a lot of fun with the whole thing as well. So let’s get to start the cameras and let’s get to watch the hot and kinky wild babe Jo as she gets to please herself in front of you once more.


Well like we said, she was dressed for the occasion once more and her new outfit just makes her look amazing too. Well rest assured that she also has all the tools needed for the job and she’s not afraid to put them to use as well. Watch on as the babe pulls out a speculum that she intends to use as well. and with it you get to watch her as she spreads her sexy butt nice and wide for you too so see what’s going on. After that you get to see her whip out a nice and big dildo as well that she fully intends to use to reach nice and deep for her self checkup. Enjoy the nice and deep self dildo ass fuck that she gets to do today as well and have fun everyone!

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