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Triple Anal Fisting

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to an all new and fresh HotKinkyJo update. Well the brunette has company once more as you can see and she wanted to party hard once again. Rest assured that her buddies are always down to have fun with her and this was no exception either. For today, the sexy Jo wanted to see of she could take no less than three hands in her sexy ass and her buddies were glad to be of help with it too. The three of them retreated to her bedroom and once there you can bet that all the good stuff went down too. So let’s get the scene started and let’s see the action without further delay.


Oh, and her outfit for today? Just a simple and sexy little red and black bikini that sure made her look even sluttier and sexier than usual too. Her buddies were impressed and they were just too eager to get to see that nice ass of hers in action once more. Let’s get around to watch the action and see Jo taking off the g string bikini to reveal her sexy ass and sweet pussy. Then as she took her spot on the couch, you can see her spreading her nice and long legs for the other two. Then the babes just go for it and you can see the brunette moaning in pleasure with three hands fucking her nice ass this afternoon. Enjoy it everyone!

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